SalesSmart: Built by Dealers for Dealers

SalesSmart started out of necessity. Dealership Owner and SalesSmart Founder, Dan Leboe, was frustrated with the lack of quality reporting and business intelligence on the market. It seemed many CRMs and Analytics provided data that neither related to the desired outcome or effectively pinpointed what was wrong in the Dealership Processes. Dan built the first version of SalesSmart on an excel spreadsheet. 15 years later, SalesSmart is the smartest CRM and Business Intelligence Engine on the market. Built by Dealers for Dealers.

SalesSmart is built experts in Dealership Operations, Analytics, Education and Coaching. It is not a generic CRM that is shoehorned to work for the auto industry. It is designed with the processes and metrics most important to the industry.

Building it right took time.

The intricacies of Dealership Operations, managing staff effort and skills, and gathering the metrics to improve profitability was a painstaking journey. Because it was so hard, it is also why so many CRM's and Reporting Tools have gotten it wrong. SalesSmart has got it right. 


Dan is Executive Director of international automotive business development consultancy and training company Automotivaters.

We help manufacturer networks, national sales companies, regional associations, large dealer groups, and individual dealers to implement strategies and build skills that lead to increases in volume, market share, profitability, and customer loyalty.

With our coaching and leadership strategies, we have been able to help dealers to develop teams of exceptional performers, as well as maximize staff retention.

Since our inception in 1987, we have worked with dealerships representing every brand. We have been selected by National Sales Companies representing BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover/Jaguar, and Mazda to develop their dealer networks. Our consultancy integrates the departments of an NSC for greater coordination between the executive, sales, marketing, product planning, dealer development, and training departments.

Our Philosophy

Staying on top is a constant challenge and we have continued to evolve and improve our materials and methods to match changing customer behavior and market conditions. The challenge for dealerships is keeping a strong team at the top of their game when time, competitive pressure, and customer interaction all erode skills and attitudes. Todays highly informed shopper demands a modern approach.

Dedicated Team

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