SalesSmart CRM Dashboard

Explore the features of SalesSmart CRM Dashboard. 

Adding a Customer

How to add a New Customer in SalesSmart for the first time. 

Customer Search

Customer Search Functions.

Customer Information

How to add Customer Information in SalesSmart CRM. 

Completing Activities and Scheduling Follow Up

How to add properly record Activity and Schedule Follow Up in SalesSmart CRM. 

Closing the Sales Cycle

Understanding the situations of closing the Sales Cycle.

Performance Report

View the functionality of the SalesSmart Performance Report

Setting Reminders

Setting and completing Reminders.

Manager Introduction

Extended Options including Manager Introduction

Staff Login

A brief overview of what to expect when using SalesSmart for the first time. 

Manager's Features

A walk through of all functionality for Managers and Administrative Users. Look at reporting, setting targets and admin services.

Setting Staff Goals

A brief overview of setting up Staff Goals. 

Manager's Dashboard

Overview of the features of the Manager’s Dashboad. 

Manager's Performance Report

Overview of the features of the Manager’s Performance Report.