Skills, Effort, Results

When a CRM just works.
salessmart’s CRM gathers data through daily work activity and forecasts results based on skillset and effort. Just use it and it will make you smarter!
salessmart provides accurate performance projections and insights using your data. This flags underperformance in skills and effort and calculates the adjustments to get back on track. 
Validate your training and advertising spends by measured results. 
Gathering sales performance data across a multi-dealer group has historically been expensive and difficult to achieve. Have a single organization view with drill down to individual performance. 
salessmart will change the way your team consistently hits your goals, daily, weekly, monthly. Your people will have a clear picture of what they need to do to grow their volume.

Control Your Professional Fitness

Professional Fitness is the key to your success. Understanding where you excel, what you need to improve and how to make the changes is where salessmart’s analytics and reporting keep you steps above the competition. 
salessmart CRM actively helps your team sell effectively.  This is your fitness tracker for professional development.
salessmart KPI analysis drives feedback, changing your data into intelligent coaching elements.