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This is a face to face encounter to any new client that wishes to get any information about a vehicle.



This is when we complete a 6 position walk around on a selected vehicle.

This is only counted one time meaning we got to the presentation phase.

It does not count how many presentations with each customer. **



When the client test drives the vehicle selected. **


Building Added Value **

After the test drive we take the client through the service department and explain our services and

unique attributes (why you should choose us)


Information Review **

After the Building Added Value walk, suggest we review the information about the vehicle driven

and return to the office to do so.


Now Commitment **

This is when we get an approval from the customer that they would like their vehicle now

providing the figures / terms are agreeable



We have come to agreement on Figures / Terms



The client has taken physical delivery of the unit.


** This is only counted one time meaning we got to the presentation phase.

It does not count how many presentations with each customer.


Real Life Scenarios and how to record them.

A client walks into the dealership for the first time.

Record as an Opportunity in Activity and as a Walk-in in Source.


A client comes back to the dealership a second or more times.

Record as a return in source each time the client returns.

Do not record as another Opportunity in Activity.


A client that has purchased before comes in to look at a vehicle.

Record as an Opportunity in Activity and as a Repeat in Source.


A client is referred to the dealership and walks in.

Record as a Referral in Source and as an Opportunity in Activity.


A client comes in as a result of our outsourcing effort.

Record as Networking in Source and as an Opportunity in Activity


A client comes to the dealership as a result of our setting an appointment with the individual prior to them coming in.

Record as a Kept Appointment and as an Opportunity in Activity.


A client comes to the dealership a second or more times as a result of our setting an appointment with the individual.

Record as a Kept Appointment and a Return in Source.


By collecting the data this way we are able to see two valuable things.

1.    Closing Ratio – The number of people we are dealing with to sell a given number of cars.

2.    Contact to Sale Ratio – The number of contacts it takes to sell a given number of cars.

3.    Time Allocation – The various mix of the client we spend our day with.

Where we get our clients and how we interact with them.

A client Calls the dealership and sets an appointment.

Record as Incoming call and an appointment when they show up.

The are now a kept appointment and an opportunity as they have shown up at the dealership.



Internet Definitions

  • Unique Visitors

There is no requirement for the Sales Advisor to use this element. It will be for administrative or Management only. This statistic can be pulled from your Google Analytics Account and recorded weekly or monthly.

Unique visitors (or visitors) refers to the number of distinct individuals requesting pages from the website during a given period, regardless of how often they visit. (Visits refers to the number of times a site is visited, no matter how many unique visitors make up those sessions.) When an individual goes to a website on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday, this is recorded as two visits from one visitor.

The purpose of tracking unique visitors is to help marketers understand website user behaviour. Because a visitor can make multiple visits in a specified period, the number of visits will be greater than the number of visitors. A visitor is sometimes referred to as a unique visitor or a unique user to clearly convey the idea that each visitor is only counted once.

  • Leads

Leads are defined by an incoming request for vehicle information directly from your web site.

This could be a request for availability, colour, price, trade value, payment etc. or a combination of them.

  • Appointments

Just as we record with Face to Face contact, it is counted only as the result of a Kept Appointment as a result of an Internet Lead and subsequent communication. Record it as a Kept Appointment in Internet Activity AND a Kept Appointment in the Regular activity.

  • Sold

A Vehicle we sell as a result of Internet being the Initial Source of Contact. Record it as a Sold in Internet Activity AND a Sold in the Regular activity.

  • Delivered

A Vehicle we delivered as a result of Internet being the Initial Source of Contact. Record it as a Delivered in Internet Activity AND a Delivered in the Regular activity.

When the Customer comes into the Dealership for their Appointment you Record it as a Kept Appointment in Internet Activity AND a Kept Appointment in the Regular activity and then record an Opportunity in your Face to Face Contact in your regularActivity. You would also record one Internet count in Sources.


Lead conversions are displayed in two formats;

• Calculated as a percentage of Leads

• Progressive calculation – Appointments and a % of Leads, Sold as a % of Appointments and Delivered as a % of Sold

Leads are also analysed as a % of unique visitors and viewed only by Administration and Super User privilege. This a really a Marketing function.

Leads to Appointments Kept

Our goal is to get the best conversion of Internet Leads to Appointments Kept.

This is an important ratio as it indicates if we have been successful in building enough value in our Product, Dealership and ourselves that the Customer wants to come in to see and drive the vehicle.

This is affected by these main factors:

• Speed of the response. Think of your response back to the Customer just as if they we phoning you. If you call a business, how quickly do you want them to respond? Our Internet Customers appreciate a fast response too. If we respond within 5 Minutes, the data shows that our chance of converting the Lead to a Kept

Appointment goes up exponentially. Slower response has shown to rapidly decrease the chances of doing business with that Customer.

• Quality of the response. The way we respond is critical to the outcomes. Often they will include their Phone Number as well as email for re-contact. This sets up the perfect opportunity for a rapid response call back to clarify information with the Customer and set next course of action leading to an appointment.

• The use of clean templates that allow us to assimilate all of the information to completely answer the Customer Questions helps us respond quickly with consistency and quality.

Appointments Kept to Sold

This ratio shows us how effective we are in the sales process once the Customer arrives or in some cases transacts the final deal remotely.

We know that the conversion to sold is high in comparison to walk in traffic. The reason is, the Customer is much further along in the sales process and develops a higher level of Mental Ownership before they even arrive at the Showroom.

Sold to Delivered

This ratio lets us know if we are maintain a low level of lost deals after the Customer has agreed to figures. The things that are the most common cause of lost Customers are:

• Excessive delays in getting the product

• Buyer’s remorse from Financial Commitment

• Aggressive competition that steal a deal before we can deliver the vehicle



How do you log Customers that never come in to the dealership?

Remember we just record what actually happened.


We receive Internet lead and correspond with the customer by return email and or by phone.

We are successful in confirming selection of the vehicle and determine that customer wants to own it.

We present the figures and get agreement to set up delivery. We should coordinate the Handover to the Business Office. “Mr. Customer, in order to prepare all of the required documentation so we can deliver your New Corolla, I am going to give all the details on your purchase to our Business Manager Sue Davis, and she will prepare everything you require so we can get your vehicle to you as soon as possible!”

  • Please hold one moment, I’ll stay on the line as well and check that she is available.
  • I will just take a few moments to tell her on everything she will need to know about your car, and we will call you back directly. Is that fine with you?

Once this transpires, it is the perfect time to inform your Business Manager about the situation. There is still an excellent opportunity to provide Financial Services and other products that can enhance the purchasing experience.

After the Handover, all arrangements are completed and we deliver the vehicle via which ever means is used.

Let’s record our Numbers based on what happened.

In Activity

  • Once the Lead became an active Buyer we count 1 Opportunity.
  • We did not Present our Car – 0 Presentation
  • The Customer did not Drive it. 0 – Demonstration
  • We told them about our wonderful After Sales Department and they informed it will be serviced out of our area. BAV – 1
  • Now Commitment – 1
  • Sold – 1
  • Delivered – 1
  • Time Spent – 0:35
  • Source Internet – 1

Internet Tracking

  • Lead – 1
  • Appointment Kept – 0
  • Sold – 1
  • Delivered – 1