New Release Notes


SalesSmart Release


December 01 2015

New release – CREED Tracking changes.

The tracking of the CREED process will be very easy to transition.

The table below will show how the data tracking changes and actually preserves 100% of your data from Sales Power so all of your trends are uninterrupted.

Previous Sales Power Actuals

You entered

To log New CREED Actuals

You will now enter in this field

Opportunity Opportunity
Presentation Experience Presentation
Demonstration Experience Demonstration
BAV At your Service
Information Review Confirmation of Vehicle
Now Commitment Ask for the business
Sold Sold
Delivered Collection
Time Spent Time Spent

The new PAL Books for CREED can be ordered direct from Toyota New Zealand

Congratulations on your Launch of CREED!


March 25th 2015

SalesSmart is happy to announce release 2.3.3

This version provides Dealers the ability to separate the New Vehicle activity from the Used Vehicle activity.

This will provide New Reports to show graphically the Mixed of Traffic and how we convert it.

Separate goals are available for New and Used. A Sales Consultant that sells both can have goals for both New and Used.

This update is available to all client upon request and is Free.


SalesSmart is happy to announce release 2.3.0.

The latest release brings some welcomed improvements, increased orientation and information.

Updates for this version include:

- A new look and feel for the screen display, including a new format for your dashboard layout
- User Performance Summary reports (skills, telephone, and internet)
- User notification
- Application version checking
- Improved feedback on user creation failures
- Miscellaneous User Interface bug fixes and interaction improvements
- Miscellaneous Logi report bug fixes


For Sales Staff:

We have built a new dashboard highlighting the most important and necessary information. Upon login, you will see a new Dashboard displaying your current months progress towards your month end goal. You can toggle between 3 Dashboards by using the tabs at the bottom for SkillsTelephone & Internet

Skills displays current month progress. Telephone displays Incoming and Outgoing Calls and Appointments compared to target. Internet displays Internet Leads, Appointments, Sold and Delivered.

At the top of the dashboard on each page you will see Target / Actual / Pace to give you clear orientation as to your progress towards your month end goal. As you approach your month end goal the colour of the bars on the dashboards will change from red to green.

Red is a reminder that your current pace is below target achievement and green means you are on or exceeding target. Go Green!


2.3.0 Dashboard SS

This release has also improved the speed of the program and will provide added background efficiency of data flows so you will see a faster production of reports and information when moving through the system.

We have completed extensive bug testing before this release. If by chance you do encounter a bug or an aspect of the program functioning incorrectly, please fill out the short support forum and SalesSmart support will contact you right away.


Process to update your SalesSmart application to version 2.3.0:

If your computer is turned on:

Close the SalesSmart application and all other web browsers on your computer.  Re-open SalesSmart application and you should log-in to the updated version automatically.  If this process does not work, please close all applications and re-start your computer, then log-in to SalesSmart as usual.

If your computer is turned off:

Turn on computer and log-in to SalesSmart application as usual.  You should automatically log-in to the new version.


Thank you,

The SalesSmart Team


If your application version is out of date, the application will not allow you to log in until you refresh the page. Under some circumstances the browser will fail to clear the “cache” and report the application as out of date more then once. If this occurs, please see your browser documentation for clearing the cache. Often times simply shutting down all open browsers windows will clear the cache for you. In the case this does fix the version issue, please also try restarting the computer, especially if it has not been restarting in some time.