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Salessmart is not another dealership management system. With 35 years of industry experience, we have listened to what dealerships and organizations want.

Salessmart is an intuitive time machine for your dealership. Built to track and drive performance and base real time information off of target goals set. Looking back on monthly or quarterly results does not cut it. It is essential to see how your organization is performing and forecast the results from relevant and accurate information. By doing so, you can see what changes need to be made in what areas. Giving you the time to make necessary adjustments, hit and exceed your targeted goals.

With in-depth customer and staff management, SalesSmart produces stronger return on investment, profit gains, and dealership development.

Real time views of any number of staff in any number of dealerships displaying all the pertinent information and numbers


Time Machine

Monitor Every Essential

SalesSmart is a time machine for your dealership. Constantly forward looking and projecting results against targeted goals. All in real time!

Manage Advertising

Track Effectiveness

Better use of advertisement dollars through detailed and effective customer management.

Reach Your Goals

Execute Performance

Target toward goals- an airline wouldn’t take off without a detailed flight plan and destination so why should you start a month without a plan or destination?

Interactive Dashboard

View All The Essentials

All SalesSmart users are greeted with an interactive dashboard displaying the most important sales information. Orient yourself in your career and instantly see where improvements can be made whether face to face, on the phone or online.

Online Reporting

Track Online Effectiveness

More than ever, sales and shopping has moved online. Take full advantage and control of your online sales, internet traffic and email handling. Track and pin point areas of improvement and development to maximize your online effectiveness

National Reporting

With Drill Downs

Move from high level overview to Individual Dealers and Staff Members with a single click. Intuitively displayed to get you the information you need, fast.

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